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Meet Amanda hall

CEO of Jentelle Lip Cosmetics

Amanda Hall, CEO of Jentelle Lip Cosmetics, is the powerful bold businesswoman behind our luxurious brand. From a young age, Amanda had aspirations to work around high-end cosmetics. Her young dreams soon became her reality - with a little bit of hard work and ambition she secured retail and sales jobs working with some of the largest makeup brands in the world. Amanda learned many things during this time, but the most important thing she learned is that she had a true passion and gift for bringing out women's confidence and enhancing women's natural beauty using her skill and the right cosmetics. She decided to use her knowledge and skill and apply it to building her own brand that honors bold women by offering luxurious and bold products. 

About Us

Jentelle Lip Cosmetics is a luxury lip brand that offers bold lip products for bold women. Our products are designed to keep up with the hardworking woman by providing long-lasting luxurious lip coverage all-day.


Enhance your beauty with signature lip collection

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Amanda Hall

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